5 Yoga YouTube Channels for Kids

Mom and child doing Yoga


Motivating children to be active may be a battle. While yoga can be an extremely valuable exercise for kids of all ages so that they are not thinking about traditional asanas or structured yoga courses. Fortunately, you will find loads of participating yoga videos on the market created particularly for kids. Aside from the best gifts for 11 year old boys, yoga DVDs and movies are a fun way to inspire your couch potatoes to get up and get going. Below are a few of our favorite free children biking videos on Youtube.

5 Fun Kids Yoga Videos on Youtube

1. Cosmic Children Yoga

Cosmic Children makes a massive wealth of yoga material particularly for children (and which makes a number of our favorite yoga DVDs too ). Their Youtube Channel comprises countless yoga movies in an assortment of fashions. They’ve beginner videos that concentrate on teaching how to perform particular poses in addition to complete”courses” structured around tales and experiences (such as the Kickapoo that the Kangaroo course above). Since each course is similar to seeing an interactive narrative, these yoga movies are excellent for children who snore workouts. They have videos predicated around children’s favorite characters such as Moana and Spiderman. Whatever your children’s pursuits, you will discover some yoga movies they will enjoy from the Cosmic Children library.

2. Yoga For Children with Alissa Kepas

Alo Yoga generally makes meditation and yoga material for most adults, but they attracted teacher Alissa Kepas to create this exceptional yoga movie only for children. If you locate the bright colors and cartoonish-ness of kids yoga bothersome, this movie the ideal alternative. Alissa tailors her regular for children, making every pose participating with interactive components such as producing animal noises while teaching the kids the appropriate titles and body places for every pose. She is filled with joy that attracts a great deal of energy and fun for her asanas. This routine is excellent for older children who wish to have more serious yoga.


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3. Story Hive Yoga for Kids

Instructor Sophia Khan and 2 kid-sized helpers lead kids through an energizing full-size yoga course. Like many children’s training videos, Sophia provides comprehensive and lively instructions to keep children engaged and help them comprehend the concepts. However, this movie is organized more like a conventional yoga class, together with breathing exercises, putting a goal, warming up cooling. Bold illustrations include more pleasure for kids without getting overly cartoonish. This movie is a bit more lively compared to Alissa Kepas one.

4. Play at the Park Yoga for Kids

Yoga with Adriene is among our favored Yoga stations, so obviously, her regular for children is among the very best! This movie does not have some fancy cartoons or tales to keep children participated, however, Adriene’s lively and optimistic character contrasts nicely with education for kids. She describes each pose in kid-friendly terminology but avoids speaking them down. This full-size course is ideal for children of anyhow, but may truly be appreciated by older children and pre-teens who believe too old for different children’s yoga videos.

5. Yoga for Beginner Kids

In case you’ve got a preschool-age child but desire a yoga video for those who are not based on animations and tales, this movie for beginners is ideal. The teacher guides a course of four kids via a child-focused routine that is simple to follow along in your home. Each pose is altered with teachers for kids who keep them engaged and put in a little additional fun. Total of significant energy, this can help get your children moving without depriving you of annoying characters and music.