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Yoga may feel a bit intimidating and overwhelming at the same time if this is your first time doing it. Also, it is fairly easy to be worried of not being in shape or flexible enough to execute the poses. But that is actually the wonderful thing about yoga. It is not entirely about having good balance, fancy poses and whatnot.

Anyone can get started with yoga by kicking it off with beginner poses. Regardless if you are practicing in a yoga studio, at home or anywhere, there are few poses that can help you out.

Mountain Pose or Tadasana

This is one of the yoga poses that are perfect for beginners. This one may appear to be an easy pose. That is true for it is, indeed. Basically, the pose is about standing. But it is the foundation for other standing inversions and poses in yoga.

Why Tadasana?

Say that you are regularly doing this pose, it will help you work out your legs and torso and you will be grounding yourself. This is actually a nice way of easing anxiety and boosting confidence. So if you are serious to do yoga and don’t want to feel pressured about it, start it with a mountain pose.