In yoga studios and gyms, it is fairly common to make use of yoga mat. Sometimes referred as sticky mat too. The mat helps a lot in giving you your personal space and above everything else, it offers traction for your feet and hands. This way, even if you get sweaty from working out, you still have a firm grip of the ground.

Advantages of Using Yoga Mat

Aside from that, using the mat creates a little bit of cushion from the hard floor. A lot of gyms do provide mat rentals for a small price of 1 or 2 dollars per class. This is completely fine especially on your first few sessions. However, with the pandemic and social distancing in effect, this might not be available. So best is to buy your own for safety purposes too.

What Mat to Buy?

Be reminded as well that if you are starting with yoga, you might want to buy something that is in the cheaper side which costs as small as 20 dollars.

Shooting for premium yoga mats right off the bat could cost you a lot. Believe it or not, it ranges from about 80 to 120 dollars. Only do this, if you are ready to give your time doing yoga and do it regularly.