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Majority of the sitting and standing yoga poses are developed to improve core strength. And because you will need core muscles to perform the poses, this will elevate your workout. Besides, having a stronger core creates an illusion that you are taller than you look.

Besides, yoga can help your body awareness by noticing faster if you are slumping or slouching. Thus, allowing you to quickly make adjustments to your posture.

Breathing Benefits

Usually, yoga involves attention to your breathing which helps you to relax. Also, it might call for a specific breathing technique.

However, yoga is not usually aerobic such as cycling or running. Unless of course it is an intense kind of yoga you are doing.

Better Stress Management

You might feel more relaxed and less stress when doing and after yoga. Believe it or not, there are yoga styles that are using meditation techniques that calm the mind. Concentrating on your breathing patterns while doing yoga can do it as well.

Great for the Heart

Yoga has been widely known for lowering the blood pressure and slowing the heart rate. With slower heart rate, it can benefit individuals who have heart disease or high blood pressure and those who have suffered from stroke.