Would you like to try yoga but afraid that your body is not flexible enough to carry out the exercise? Well, worry no more because there are countless of yoga poses that are designed for beginners.

Plank Pose or Uttihita Chaturanga Dandasana

This is one of the simplest yoga exercises that virtually anyone can do. It’s an active pose that is working all muscles of the front body.

From forward fold, lay down your hands on the floor and bend your knees as much as needed. Step one leg back at a time until you are performing a high pose plank. Add pressure into your hands while keeping your legs engaged and parallel. Then after, pull your bellybutton towards your spine.

Take couple of deep breaths to work your arms and core. It is fairly easy to drop a bit and have a banana back or hunching your shoulders. Your upper body must be somehow straight from your hands on the floor all the way to your hips.

Get Help, don’t be Shy

A nice way of figuring out this pose as a newbie is getting help from friends or family to check the shape that you make from the side.