Find A Pod

Yoga props let students in maintaining the healthiest alignment in wide range of poses as their body is bending, twisting and opening up. Aside from that, it helps them to get the most of the pose they make while preventing injury.


Usually, yoga studios have plenty of blankets for use by their students but because of the restrictions brought by Covid-19, it will be better to buy your own.

Once you have one, you can fold the blankets which can then be used as support to lift the hips when doing a seated pose or as support when doing a lying pose.

For example, when you sit cross-legged, you may put the blanket under the sit bones which elevates the hips above knees.

When to Buy?

Aside from that, blankets are handy for all kinds of things during a yoga session. If you’re feeling cold, you may use your blanket to cover up on your final relaxation. If you’re doing yoga at home on the other hand, there is no reason to buy new blankets. Just use whatever you have handy around your house and you are good to go. But just in case you don’t have extra, you can always get one for yourself for a small price of 13 dollars.