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Getting a yoga certificate online isn’t an easy feat. With tons of yoga teachers online training providers, being able to sort out which is the best for your style of learning can be a bit tricky, or overwhelming perhaps.


On the other hand, the onset of online learning doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot become an instructor. As a matter of fact, it might be the best opportunity in being qualified with online yoga teacher training programs that suit your budget and schedule.

Yoga Style that Attracts You

Modern yoga is offering wide variety of styles for everyone. So before you choose a yoga instructor certification program, better ask yourself first, what kind of yoga you want to teach? For instance, Vinyasa is more creative and fluid whereas Hatha is more centered on strength. Go with styles that thrill you.

Whenever possible, consult with the teachers who are offering the certification prior to making a decision.

How the Class will be Delivered?

It is quite tempting to believe that live online sessions would give you the closest experience to an in-person training. Yet the reality is, live technology could result to delays, poor sound quality as well as challenging interactions. So be clear on how this will be done and how challenges can be overcome.