Oftentimes, yoga is highly recommended as a way to avoid injury. In fact, people are encouraged as well to use it as a rehab tool for increasing flexibility and balance while also improving mindful approach to the movement. But simply because this is a low impact exercise and occasionally labeled as “gentle”, it does not mean that it is completely free from injury.

If performed poorly and carelessly, there is still the possibility that you may get injured from doing yoga exercise. Some that you may encounter include:

Hamstring Attachment Strain

Yoga students are vulnerable to hamstring attachment strains than those who are performing other kinds of activities according to yoga teacher Simon Park from Liquid Flow Yoga.

With repeated overstretching, bottom area of the glutes might tear off slightly. Thus, poses such as forward folds might result to strain if you’re being too aggressive with it.

Wrist Pain

With regards to medical visits originating from yoga, wrist pain might be the leading complaint. This normally happens with fast moving yoga poses in which students have to jump back into a plank pose then jump forward again.

So in an effort to lower the risks for wrist pain, the weight has to be distributed all throughout the body instead of pushing forward in less intensive poses such as plank or downward dog.