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With the prolonged use of our smartphones, there’s now a condition that is called as “text neck”. Don’t even laugh about this for this is actually a thing in several parts of the world. Tilting the head forward most of the increases the load that should be supported by the spine and neck.

You might be in Trouble

If not addressed, it can result to weakened neck muscles that make it more vulnerable to certain injuries when doing some yoga poses.

As a matter of fact, injuries are more likely to happen when you are twisting your head one way and the body on the other. Perhaps, when you are trying to look up constantly in a pose such as upward facing dog.

More difficult poses similar to camel in which students have to let their head to fall back in a manner that it is like releasing the neck muscles but might actually be adding more pressure on it.

Don’t Wait for Injury to Happen

Whether or not you are prone to text neck, it is your job to create better environment for your neck when doing yoga. Besides, it can be done easily by improving shoulder strength which also supports the neck a lot better.