Gerry And Nicole the Integrity of Yoga in Business

Yoga is advantageous especially when you have back muscle pain for it puts focus on releasing the tightness in hips – which is at times, a critical component in lower back pain. While it is known for easing back pains, it could also do otherwise if done incorrectly.

Yoga can be the cause of Injury at times

This is likely to happen with most people who feel competitive in doing yoga poses. The reason being is, these people are trying to touch their hands to the ground even if they are not flexible enough to do it.

It can also be when they are locking their knees when trying to bend forward and thinking that it is just the way how it must be done.

You’re not in Competition with Someone

The number one protection that you can do here is to always remember that yoga is not a competition. Rather than focusing on how you can do difficult poses, concentrate on your alignment. Because in reality, that is where you would really make a progression.

In addition to that, if you have lower back problems already, you better limit the number of twists you are doing or at least, gently do them and with minimal twisting too. This will help a lot in avoiding to exacerbate the issue.