Yoga in a Car?

So much of our lives is spent behind the wheel and, sadly, in bumper to bumper traffic. Passengers generally spend 49 hours each year stuck in rush hour traffic. Horrifying. We know. Also, if you bought a new car, don’t forget to read aboutĀ lemon law nc and how it can apply to you. Better be safe than sorry when buying a new car. It is not surprising, given the duration of time that we spend in the car, that driving can lead to stress and physical tightness. Fear not as Yoga Travel provides you some wonderful tips for maintaining those koshas aligned while battling freeway frustration.

First of all (and I will sound like your mom ), safety first. You’re not likely to be doing triangle presents in the vehicle. The target is to reduce stress, remain current, and alleviate tension in the small space of the driver’s seat.

Let us start with the breath, our principal weapon against stress. As we know on the mat, purposeful breathing has a calming effect on the human body and can make it possible for you to remain present, even when other motorists are screaming and honking at each other. While keeping your focus on the road, start to count the length of your inhales and exhales. Stretch your inhale to a count of 5 and then extend your exhales into a count of 7. By skewing the exhale span to be more, the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in and relaxation response happens.

Another breathing tool which may be used separately is called the”soothe technique.” On each inhale, start to spell out each letter of the phrase”soothe.” By way of example, inhale-S, exhale, inhale-O, exhale,… By bringing your focus on the breath, you remain present and calm which can help you get through any traffic jam.

Even though the small space of the driver’s seat is very limiting, the most effective Hatha yoga poses can nevertheless be performed. Build your mountain pose (tadasana) by sitting tall and lightly engaging the center. Keep your palms at 3 and 9 rather than 10 and 2 (this is actually safer due to airbags). The 3 and 9 hand position will give you more distance to drop the shoulders down your spine. This has the impact of reducing the flight or fight response which can be triggered by shrugged shoulders. Finally, extend through the crown of the head, making space in the spinal disks and reversing any compression created by being seated for extended amounts of time.

If the aggravation of the street starts to peak, remember to turn to the breath and realize that, although it might not look like it, the visitors will end someday. Be current. Be safe. Consistently practice.