If you are pregnant and want to have a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery, doing yoga can actually help. However, because of your situation, it has to be done with caution.

Yoga can help you to relax and breathe which in return allows you to adjust to physical demands brought by pregnancy, labor, birth as well as motherhood. It is calming the body and mind. Not to mention, it offers relief on emotional and physical stress. It’s something that your body truly needs during pregnancy.

Guidelines when doing Yoga while Pregnant

Now, assuming that you want to push forward in taking yoga class throughout your pregnancy, especially on your first trimester, make sure that your instructor knows about your condition.

Do not do Asanas on your back after your first trimester as it could reduce blood circulation to your uterus. In addition to that, it is not recommended to stretch your muscles too much, most specifically in the abdominal section.

You are at greater risks of pulls, strains and other injuries because of your pregnancy hormone relaxin, causing your uterus to expand while softening the connective tissues.

A Quick Fix

This is the major reason why you have to talk with your yoga instructor first. They’ll be able to help in preparing a yoga exercise that is catered to your situation.