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With yoga, you’ll be able to improve your blood circulation. In return, it can lower swelling throughout your pregnancy. Additionally, it helps to feel more connected with your body.

What must be Avoided?

While it is true that there are plenty of positive benefits brought by yoga when pregnant, there are of course things that you should be aware of.

Deep Twist

This is basically an open twist in which your belly is not being compressed is fine.

Deep Back Bending

Rather, try doing supported bridge with block under the sacrum for couple of breaths or a perform a camel pose with both your hands on the lower back.

Laying on Your Back

As your stomach gets bigger, you should be avoiding to frequently lay on your back for savanna poses or any other kind of pose that have requires you to be on your back for more than several breaths. Rather, try to lay on your left or sit up and meditate.


If you have done inversions prior pregnancy, then it may be fine to do it now so long as you feel confident and balanced in doing them. If not, then wait until you give birth before practicing these moves.