Exercising can boost your mood and energy and yoga isn’t an exception to this. There are many people who are practicing yoga primarily for its benefits of better stress management and relaxation.

Studies even show that yoga interventions are connected to dealing with stress more effectively, reducing cortisol levels and lowering resting heart rate.

Yoga is more than just an Exercise

Moreover, engaging in yoga exercises can yield emotional health benefits too. This is because yoga is a kind of exercise that is working both the mind and body as what said by Manuela Kogon, MD, who is a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Stanford Health Care. Dr. Manuela is also working as an internal medicine doctor at the Integrative Medicine in California.

People with as well as without mental health conditions could reap the benefits of doing yoga too. Research showed that yoga is capable of benefiting people who have schizophrenia and depression.

Strange but for Real

It might be hard to believe but doing yoga can also help in alleviating hangover. The next day after hard partying and drinking at night, yoga is probably the least of things you are thinking.

But as per Dr. Kogon, she said that yoga can increase blood circulation which then helps in eliminating the toxic effects brought by your intoxication.