It’s been out in the open that one of the ways of dealing with stress is doing yoga. Yoga is combining a lot of popular techniques that are known to reduce stress such as:

  • Exercise
  • Breath control
  • Relaxation of the body and;
  • Meditation

As yoga grows in popularity, there are a lot more people who are unearthing its benefits in relieving their stress. Developing consistent routine in yoga is the best way of experiencing the true benefits of this exercise.

Clearing the Mind

The mind is in an active state all the time and it races from one thought to the other, running all possible situations and dwelling on the past. All of these things are stressful and tiring for the mind.

Subtle Meditation

Yoga is offering a number of techniques in taming the minds. One is through breath work. Every berath is tied to present; you’re neither breathing the future nor the past but, just the moment. Focusing on every inhale as well as exhale to exclusion of all other thoughts is a way of clearing the mind. Aside from that, this is known to be a simple meditation technique. Furthermore, performing yoga poses also act as a type of meditation.