Benefits Of Doing Yoga With Your Dog

Are you looking for a way to strengthen the bond with your dog and want to do something for your health? With yoga, you can combine all of that. Yoga with a dog, involves stretching, stroking, and lots of massaging.

Why yoga with a dog

Sport is healthy and creates a good balance against stress in everyday life and long hours of work at the desk, for example in the home office. Did you know that yoga can help against stress, tension and high blood pressure? Regular yoga practice can even have a positive impact on indigestion and other diseases. However, in this case, it is advisable to also ask your family doctor for advice.

Compared to weight training or jogging, yoga has one major advantage. You are not dependent on the weather and you do not need any major purchases apart from a comfortable surface. So you can start at any time at home. The sun salutation, downward dog or cat are simple yoga exercises for beginners that you can easily get started with. The breathing exercises combined with flowing movements allow you to train your entire body.


What is the good thing about doing yoga with your dog?

Surely some fur friends like to lie on their blanket and watch while master and mistress bend over on the yoga mat. Yoga with dogs, however, is also popular for four-legged friends. A round of yoga does not provide enough exercise for your dog and physical activity for you. Through yoga with a dog you can strengthen your bond with your four-legged friend while you do something good for yourself. And your dog’s health also benefits from sport. Yoga can be a good bonding when living with dogs. This can also reduce anxiety in your dog. In addition, your furry friend will certainly be happy to be pampered during the integrated stroking and massage sections.

Can all dogs participate in yoga?

Since unfortunately not all dogs can get involved in the relaxation exercises, it is not suitable for all dogs. Especially skittish or nervous dogs that are easily anxious will find it difficult at first to relax during the exercises and to concentrate for the duration of the sports unit.

Even young and playful dogs can understand your movements more as requests to play then the peace and relaxation for both of you is quickly gone. 

In both cases, it helps to start with short yoga training sessions. Give your dog positive encouragement with food and treats as soon as he calms down.