How to Get Into Yoga Even if You Live in a Condo?

Yoga has many benefits from improving your mental and physical health, to increasing energy levels. It is a great way for people with tight lifestyles to achieve a healthy balance. If you live in an apartment or condo such as in Piccadilly Grand, you might be thinking that yoga is not an option for you.

Luckily, there are tons of ways to do yoga that don’t require space!

No Space? No Problem.

If you are among the many people who deemed that yoga can’t be done in a limited space such as a condo, then you might be surprised with the following. Here are easy ways to get into the practice of yoga without space.

Do Chair Yoga

Sitting in a chair and doing yoga poses is a great way to exercise when you don’t have space to do more complicated poses. It’s usually low impact so it’s a good way to ease into the practice of yoga. You can easily do these poses on your living room floor or even the kitchen countertop with some towels under your feet for padding!

Practice Inversions

Inversions require no props and can be done anywhere that has enough room for your body weight (so basically anywhere!).

All you need is some strength and balance to lift yourself up off the ground and turn upside down like headstands or handstands. If you’re not quite ready for those yet, try downward-facing dog instead!

Take a Hatha Class

If you want to take your yoga practice outside of your own home but need something more than chair yoga, take a hatha class at your local studio! There are many different styles of hatha classes—from gentle ones for beginners that don’t require any previous experience, to more intense classes designed for people who are

Yoga Basics – How to Get Started

Practicing Yoga at home

Yoga can be done at home or even outside. If you are not sure what type of yoga is good for you, research a few different styles on YouTube and see which one appeals more to your body.

Here are a few yoga basics that will help you get started:

  • Choose a style of yoga that suits your needs
  • Do some research on the style of yoga and find out what poses are included
  • Find music with a slow tempo that is soothing