IQ Test: Meditation Increases The IQ

A sharp mind and a high IQ are not magic. There is a very simple and effective way to get there and that is yoga or meditation. Doing yoga regularly will help you act and work more efficiently and thoughtfully.

IQ test: What exactly does yoga do?

Yoga sharpens the mind

Your mind is a mirror, a mirror of the past, of expectations and actions in the present. Yoga helps to be fully in the present, to be aware of the moment. Put very simply, yoga is nothing more than mental hygiene. It cleanses you of endless thought loops and brings your talents to light.

How does it work? It’s simple. In yoga, you dive deep into yourself and connect with the calm and serenity that has always been part of you. If you do this every day, then you also radiate this serenity more and more and meet challenges with an inner smile.

In short, stress goes, relaxation comes. When you are relaxed, you see things more clearly. You become more aware of what to do in a given situation and act accordingly. So meditation sharpens your mind. The IQ is also directly affected because this increases with regular yoga practice. This can help if you are preparing for an online iq test free.

IQ test: Yoga helps to increase focus and concentration

Now and then everyone has felt that there is a powerful source of energy in all of you. This source of energy cannot be compared with anything. The more you tap into this source of energy, the stronger you become. The link between this source of energy and your daily experience is yoga. Meditating daily makes you more peaceful and shows you what potential is hidden behind your mind. Meditate regularly to increase your concentration while keeping your mind relaxed.

IQ test: Yoga promotes intuition

If you are at peace with yourself and in harmony with the world, then you are better able to perceive your gut feeling. Creative thoughts and ideas flow out of you. Meditation refines your observation and understanding of things. The thoughts seem to come from the gut more than from the brain. It is not for nothing that your solar plexus is also called the abdominal brain. Spiritual exercises such as yoga promote your intuition and thus contribute to an increased IQ.