Keep Yoga At Home!

Yoga has become an integral part of our current society, the yoga studios are sprouting like mushrooms. But what if you prefer to perform a yoga practice at home because you feel comfortable in your own environment? Today, many yoga studios and gyms offer online classes and you will find an endless amount of yoga content on YouTube, for example, and via apps such as Daily Yoga and Down Dog. This way you can schedule the yoga classes yourself whenever you want, you don’t need a big budget and you can even perform the yoga exercises in your pajamas. But how do you maintain yoga at home? In this blog, the specialists at Superyoga give tips to make yoga a regular part of your week! You can also customize your yoga ambiance at home by painting in your walls, to do that you can visit for more details about the materials you are going to use. And after customizing your yoga room, you will enjoy your new ambiance.

Make a plan

It is nice to think in advance about why you would like to start with yoga. What is your target? Do you want to calm down? Would you like to work on a strong core? Or maybe you want to improve your stamina? Whatever your wish is, write it down or turn it into a vision board. Working it out will give you a better idea of ​​what you really want and it will be easier to stay motivated. Also think of micro-goals, so that you can reward yourself in the meantime if you achieve them. This way you can reward yourself with a comfortable yoga outfit!

Choose the right yoga style

There are dozens of yoga styles. That is great news, so you will always find a style that suits you and the wishes you have at that moment. It does require a brief investigation into which style is best for you. The great thing about doing yoga at home is that you can try out different styles without a big budget.

Create a nice place

To have a pleasant yoga practice, it is important to set up a comfortable space. Try to choose a place where you experience few distractions and make sure you get good basic yoga products at home. For example, the right yoga mat in combination with a number of accessories such as a yoga towel, yoga block, and meditation cushion forms a good basis. A mat offers a comfortable surface where you experience grip and can enjoy the right cushioning. The yoga props make it easier to get into a pose or to deepen the exercise without incurring injuries.

Build the practices

If you are just starting out with yoga, it is good to get acquainted with the basic postures. Perhaps the content you have selected offers this information and otherwise, it is useful to search for basic postures within yoga via Google or Youtube. You have enough videos where you can get acquainted with the most famous exercises within half an hour. It can also be useful to book a single (trial) yoga class in a studio or gym to master the basic exercises and ask questions of the teacher. If you want to start with yoga, it is wise to schedule fixed moments in the week and possibly build up the practices in length. It is better to schedule a 10-minute session three times a week than a single practice once every few weeks.

Work towards a good moment

To sustain it is essential that you choose a time that works for you. One likes to start the day with a sun salutation and the other prefers to end the day with a few relaxing exercises on the mat. Don’t be afraid to experiment with what time works best or alternate for the desired effect. Finish your yoga session with a relaxing savasana and use an eye pillow and yoga blanket to make yourself comfortable. It is also a good time to do a gratitude exercise and to set an intention. In this way, you give direction to your day and you can pay attention to what is important to you.