Kids Yoga Exercises for DB Train Rides

Anyone who goes on vacation with small bundles of energy knows that the less action, the shorter the intervals between the “Will we be there soon?” inquiries.deutsche bahn auskunft

When travelling by train, there is a simple solution due to the freedom of movement. This solution is yoga. Children have a completely natural, playful approach to the movement sequences in yoga. The exercises are fun and help you to find your balance in tense travel situations. It also works the other way around. While over-excited children calm down, yoga cheers up tired travellers.

Thus, before travelling through rail transport, check deutsche bahn auskunft. Once you know the travel information, you can decide if you can bring your yoga accessories with you.

Yoga train exercises: Lugging

If you want to have everything with you, you have to carry a lot. Once the suitcases are stowed away, this exercise gives the shoulders new momentum. The muscles are massaged in harmony with the breath through targeted rotary movements. This relieves stress and opens the heart to even more holiday anticipation.

Plenty of train room for light summer breezes: Stretch and take a deep breath

The lateral stretch, a “Tadasana” variation, opens the flanks and stretches the lungs. This makes the breath even deeper and calmer. This gives big and small travellers the perfect lightness for their summer vacation. Those who stretch while standing also needs body balance on the next bend.

Yoga in the train: Eagle arms “Garudasana”

The goal is already within your grasp. Then it’s time to stretch out your arms. The subsequent knotting is not only particularly fun for the little ones. It also opens the back part and loosens tense shoulders and neck.

What yoga train exercise is all about?

In all of this, it is important not to forget one thing. In yoga, unlike acrobatics, is not about developing a flexible body, but rather about cultivating inner mobility and flexibility through bodywork. The aim is a holistic physical and psychological balance. Joy and mindfulness while practising are therefore much more important than progress in a particular body position. Have fun practising yoga while travelling on the train.