Yoga and Tik Tok : Potent Combination of Social Media Engagement

There’s no denying that yoga has become increasingly more popular during the pandemic when many had time on their hands to find out if yoga will work for them. Yoga is an ancient meditation practice, yet even the young people at Tik Tok find it enjoyable to master the different yoga meditation poses.

The current statistics is that between 2010 and 2021, the number of yoga practitioners in the US alone grew by 63.8%. To date, there are about 7,000 registered yoga studios in the US serving about 34.4 million individuals practicing yoga regularly. Moreover, it’s quite interesting to note that along with the increased fascination for yoga, 28% of the current population of practitioners are males. On a global scale, it is estimated that the worldwide yoga industry is now worth $88 billion.

Apparently, the benefits attributed to the practice of yoga are not mere hyped up results. After all, studies have proven that even with just 20 minutes of regular yoga practice, a person’s breathing, blood circulation, metabolism and muscle-building functions can dramatically improve a person’s:

  • Body mobility and flexibility
  • Tolerance for stress and anxiety
  • Consistent and adequate sleep habits
  • Mindfulness and concentration

As for young people, yoga presents an alternative to the dance moves and lip synching skills they exhibit, while sharing not only danceable music. Mellow and soothing yet rhythmic tunes are also best fits for yoga videos. Actually, industry observers say that Tik Tok has been instrumental in boosting the growing popularity of yoga.

Tik Tok and Yoga Combination

The global yoga community has been sharing video clips of yoga poses and posture evolutions, yoga partner postures and yoga challenges. Statistically, the #yoga hashtag has been drawing as many as one (1) billion views from the more than 500 million active Tik Tok users all over the world.

Tik Tok is the ideal platform because here, the content doesn’t always have to be perfect and polished just to get noticed by the target audience. Since the video clips are short, it takes only a short while for Tik Tok viewers to decide whether or not they like the content. If they want to see more, they can always follow the yoga content uploader instead of just waiting for it to appear in the “For You” section.

As a matter of fact, some Tik Tok influencers are constrained to compete and resort to using SocialBoosting. Millions of yoga practitioners have been getting more than their usual share of attention by competing in many of the currently ongoing yoga challenges.

What are Yoga Challenges

Basically, a yoga challenge encourages yoga practitioners to submit still images or video clips of themselves, presenting or demonstrating a sequence of asanas or yoga positions.