Yoga With Dogs: Everything You Must Know

Dog yoga is simply yoga with the dog. It has long been scientifically proven that fur noses have a calming effect on people. And when doing Doga together, people and Chihuahua (dog) health benefit equally.

Origin of the Doga

It all started in Japan and the USA. The special form of yoga is very popular there. Especially in Japan, people love spending time with their dogs, because time is often scarce and many apartments are very cramped. Both dog and owner look forward to a change in everyday life and a lot of closeness.

In Japan, however, the dogs are often lifted during doga and actively involved in stretching. This is exactly what is often criticized. For many four-legged friends, the frequent lifting figures in yoga mean more stress than relaxation.


Yoga with a dog: This is how doga works

Relaxation of the master is transferred to the dog. The four-legged friends are very sensitive and quickly sense the emotions of humans. Through loving touches and stroking during yoga, the animal comes to rest and relaxes. It also perceives the inner peace of the owner. A win-win situation for both of them that brings them together even more. The trust and bond are strengthened even more through the joint yoga positions.

Positive effects of the Doga

  • strengthens mutual bonding
  • the dog learns to relax
  • increases trust
  • can have a long-term effect on general composure

A little insight into Doga Yoga:  Exercises

The Cobra

You lie flat on your stomach so that your forehead rests on the yoga mat. Stretch your arms and legs down. Now bring your hands to stomach level and support yourself so that your upper body rises. You tilt your head back slightly. Hold this position for 5 deep breaths and then lower your body.

You put your dog down next to or in front of your mat. Use a treat to get him to stretch and raise his head as well. But he should stay on the ground.

The downward-facing dog

Your dog can take part in this exercise wonderfully. With a treat near the ground, you can try to get him to lay his front legs, torso, and head on the ground while sticking his rear end up in the air.

Pranayama with dog

There is a breathing exercise that is generally an integral part of yoga. Your four-legged friend can also be super integrated here. Which exercise you choose is entirely up to you. As a yoga beginner, you can try alternating breathing to get started. During the breathing exercise, gently stroke the left and right side of the dog’s chest with your free hand.