Yoga and Smoking? Does it Go together or no?

Each of the guys and gals out there who are always loath to lend an ear into the benefits of meditation, yoga, and other similar measures must relax for a while and see with what dexterity yoga has altered the lives of Hollywood celebrities.

Mind my facts men for it’s no more a secret which yogic influence has enabled the erstwhile’Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston to eliminate smoking dependence and caffeine ingestion and today she is utterly free of the clutches of those vices. Hey, it is not a cooked up story; your beloved Jen herself is a witness to the changes in her life. She credits yoga to be the recipe of her achievement and why don’t! As you stick to yoga, the peculiar form of exercise which involves meditation, stretching of their hands and legs, your mind attains tranquility and increases the internal power to ward off your cravings for the damaging chemical nicotine.

Smokers across the world become addicted to cigarette smoking due to a temporary lapse and following that regardless of the attempts to rescue themselves in the grip of nicotine addiction, many often fail miserably. It is OK and fine if you are out of the effect of nicotine via your willpower. But after you reach quit smoking success there are immense possibilities that nicotine withdrawal symptoms would issue you at a certain point in your lifetime. If you really can’t stop smoking, try to convert to vaping. Vaping pods are much better than smoking. It has fewer bad effects than regular tobacco smoking.

If such a condition arises, i.e.even after causing smoking cessation, the withdrawal symptoms of smoke hurt you significantly; at least you’d be guarded under the protective coverage of yoga and meditation.